Never Neglect a Health Emergency

Never Neglect a Health Emergency

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Your Child's First Sport Physical

    Student athletes of all ages are often asked to get a sport physical. This is a special type of physical exam geared toward athletes. It certifies that your child is healthy enough for physical activity and that they're up to date on all their required shots. If your child is new to athletics, you may not know where to get them the doctor's appointment they need. Some pediatricians don't provide sport physicals, but fortunately a sport physical service will be able to help.

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Never Neglect a Health Emergency

When I recently noticed that I began having minor chest pain, I suspected it was simple indigestion. I began taking an antacid to see if it would help control my problem, but it didn't work. I had a regularly scheduled visit with my physician and she suggested that I have some tests performed on my heart. I soon learned that I had a small problem that could have led to a heart attack if I had left it untreated. I am very grateful that I visited my doctor, even though I wish I had gone sooner. I am now eager to spread the word about my experience to remind others to always report any new physical symptoms to their doctors immediately. I also have a passion for healthcare in general, so I plan to share many health tips on my new blog!