Never Neglect a Health Emergency

Never Neglect a Health Emergency

Details To Go Over When You Wish To Move Into Assisted Living With A Friend

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Although many people move into assisted living homes on their own, there are others who choose to move in with someone else and share a room together. Spouses commonly take this approach when they decide that they need some help with their day-to-day tasks. You don't have to have a spouse to want to move into assisted living and share a room, however. If you have a close friend or even a family member such as a sibling, you might like the idea of relocating and choosing a suite that can accommodate two people. This move can be a big adjustment in your lives, so it's ideal to go over these details before you proceed.

Your Own Space

You'll want to sit down with your potential roommate and discuss living arrangements at the assisted living home. A two-bedroom suite gives each of you your own private areas, but you'll share other spots in the suite such as the bathroom and living room. If you haven't previously lived with this person, talk at length about your expectations for living together. For example, you might want to feel as though you're able to go into your room, shut the door, and enjoy some quiet time. It's ideal if the other person can understand and accept this.

Suite Rules

While your assisted living home will have a series of rules that residents need to follow, you and your potential roommate may also wish to come up with some rules for your suite. Doing so is ideal so that there aren't any surprises for either of you. For example, you might wish to create a tentative "lights out" time, which may especially be important if one person is a night owl and the other enjoys going to bed early. You may even want to have cleaning rules to keep your suite to your standards of cleanliness in between its official cleanings from the home's cleaning staff.

Shared Space

Even though each of you will have your own bedroom, you'll want to discuss how to manage your shared space. Will you take a 50-50 approach to everything? In other words, you get to choose what to watch on TV 50 percent of the time, you get to fill 50 percent of the fridge with your snacks, and so on. It's important to come to this understanding. If you feel as though you and the other person will make good roommates, you can move forward with choosing an assisted living home to move into.

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